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drug paraphernalia merchant account

How Can a Paraphernalia Business Accept Credit Card Payments?


Whether you are living in an area with legalized marijuana, or you are in an area that may soon legalize it, there are issues that can arise when you operate a legalized drug or drug paraphernalia business. From the quality of the products to the staffing, and even the payment types, the issues can be endless. But while products and staff can change quickly and easily, your ability to accept various payment types can be hard to deal with.

You must be able to accept credit card payments from your customers. Not only is it the preferred payment method for most customers, but it helps you keep those customers. Not everyone has the ability or the want to head to an ATM before they go purchase a bong or medical marijuana. You must offer your customers what they want – and what they want is the ability to pay for their goods with their plastic cards.

Now, the problem now comes with finding a payment processor that works with companies like yours. Being in the “high risk” category is tough enough, but in the drug paraphernalia industry, your chances are even lower of getting a reputable payment processor. Look toward a company like, one with experience in the legalized drug paraphernalia industry, when you need to obtain a payment processor.

Another tricky issue: Over the phone and internet payments. You should be able to accept consumer payments on the internet, over the telephone or even through the mail. Whether you have just started your smoke shop or have been in hemp supplies for many years, you need flexibility in terms of the ways you can accept credit cards and you need to be able to process credit cards rapidly and safely.

So, merchants, you need to look for a payment processor that pleases your customers – and lets your business grow. This is a hot industry, and you need to be able to accept as many payment options possible to get your business booming!