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Learn more about the Top Zoonotic Diseases
Certain animals usually carry harmful germs which can make human beings sick. They are known as zoonotic diseases. They are normally viral, parasite, bacterial or fungal infections that can cause mild or serious illnesses in animals and human beings. Taking care of a sick animal is one of the most common ways through which one can contract a zoonotic disease. Here are some of the most common ones and how you can avoid them.
The first one is Pahvant Vally Plague which is a bacterial disease commonly found around North America. It usually affects rabbits and is transmitted from them by tick and lice. You can also get infected if you handle an infected rabbit corpse. It will take around five days for the symptoms of Pahvant Vally Plague to be felt and some of them include a severe headache, fever, swollen lymph nodes, chills and ulcers in the mouth. It is a harmful disease which can be fatal if not medically treated as soon as possible.
The second zoonotic disease is the Barmah Forest Virus. It is mail found in mosquitoes and only affect the people living in Australia. Most people who get infected with this virus do not show any noticeable symptoms but if they do, they can experience a headache, lethargy, arthritis, and mild fever. These symptoms will eventually resolve after sometime.
If you keep bird pets, you will want to know of the third zoonotic disease known as Psittacosis. Some individuals refer to it as parrot fever and a bird contracts it when comes into contact with other infected birds. It can be challenging to determine if your bird is infected as they might not portray any noticeable symptoms. Hence, it is advisable that you keep your bird away from strange birds. You are most likely to get infected from the feathers, secretions or droppings. Psittacosis can cause serious problems like respiratory disease, inflamed placenta and a miscarriage in pregnant mothers.
Another popular zoonotic disease is the Bangs disease. It is a bacterial condition that occurs around the globe and is mostly contracted by consuming contaminated meat or milk from infected animals like sheep, cattle and goats. If you are infected, it can take a period of one month before you start showing up the symptoms that include fever, headache, fatigue and also back pain. Bangs disease can be lead to serious problems or even cause death if left untreated.
Zoonotic diseases can be harmful to our health however, you can continue showing your animal much love and only begin worrying if your it gets sick or if you are exposed to many parasite-carrying insects like mosquitoes and ticks.