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A Complete Guide to Swift Nail Growth

Many women usually spend a lot of money on manicures and pedicures per year. Others eager to get tips which may help them keep their nails healthy long-term. However, some nails are so weak and also keep breaking all the time. This can be as a result of using harsh products on nails and low-quality products. Other women suffer from some deficiencies that lead to weak nails. For you to maintain healthy nails, you should be careful when buying nail products to avoid harsh chemicals. Once you figure out what causes your nails to break and grow slowly, you should take immediate action. The following are guidelines to help improve the health of your nails for rapid growth and strength.

Consume Super foods

You should consider changing your overall diet for healthy nails. This will help your nails to grow in no time. For your nails, there are foods that are good for them. Sunflower seeds, broccoli, eggs, and carrots are very nice for the health of your nails. They usually provide vitamin E and A, iron, and zinc. They are also good for general health. Your nails, hair, and skin will definitely look better than before.

Supplementing with Collagen

For the health of your nails, a collagen supplement is also fundamental. Collagen is usually produced in the body naturally. It is responsible for adding structure to the joints and bones in order to improve the health of the skin, hair, and nails. Therefore, you should consider taking collagen if your nails are brittle and damaged. You can add it your normal food and drinks. This dietary supplement is rich in amino acids and proteins to boost your health.

Cuticles Health

For you to have healthy and long nails, you should first ensure that your cuticles are well cared for and healthy. You should avoid trimming or picking at your cuticles. Since nail growth begins in the matrix, you should take care of it. Hence, it is necessary that you keep the cuticle hydrated and healthy so as to keep the nails free from irritation. You shouldn’t cut them to prevent infections. However, you should keep them moisturized and maybe pushing them back gently when need be.

Trimming, Hydrating and Filing

It may seem counter-intuitive to trim your nails when you want them to grow longer. However, nails are just like hair which needs to be trimmed to avoid breakage at the ends. Trimming nails is advised to eliminate breakage at the tips. You should also moisturize your cuticles and nails regularly using a high-quality cream. You can find good moisturizers online. A good example of these is olive, jojoba and almond oil.